Many years ago Delaware was a complacent little city perfectly content with the idea of leaving well enough alone.  The cultural atmosphere generated by Ohio Wesleyan University, together with a handful of industries, was sufficient motivation for the community.  But by mid-fifties times and people were changing rapidly, and it soon became apparent that cities could no longer exist on culture and atmosphere alone.
            A few civic-minded realists induced new industries to locate in the Delaware area.  With these industries came an influx of new people with new ideas creating a need for widespread expansion in housing, municipal services, in hospital and medical care, in commercial enterprises, in banking services and in all professional fields.  Down through the years Rotarians have spearheaded much of this growth and the collective ability and influence of the Rotary Club have been vital factors in making Delaware the dynamic and progressive city that it is today.  
            The founding of the Delaware Rotary Club was not especially spectacular nor did it involve any unusual circumstances.  In fact, it was more or less commonplace.  Several preliminary meetings of a group of Delaware’s business and professional men were held in the Little Room at Bun’s Restaurant, a favorite eating establishment of the day.  Records indicate that there were twenty men in the group.  A committee consisting of three of them, Bruce Burgess, W.C. Freeman and W.W. Hill was the contact with the Columbus Rotary Club in regard to Rotary International affiliation.  As a result of these early contacts, three Columbus Rotarians, Jim Maddox, Carl Steele, and a Doctor Willard were designated to assist with the early planning and actions.  To these two trios must go the honor of bringing Rotary to Delaware.
            As a result of all this preliminary effort and planning, the Delaware Rotary Club started to function December 7, 1928.  An application, signed by 25 Delawareans, was accepted by Rotary International and the charter was granted bearing the date of December 26, 1928.  The new club was designated as No. 3018.
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