Barb Walters, Chair of the Rotary Scholarship Committee, introduced our program. She noted that Rotary has been awarding scholarships for approximately 18 years. She thanked the Committee members who worked on selecting the scholarship winners, these members being Dee Ketterling, Alice Frazier and Debbie Askins. Barb indicated that the task of selecting the two final winners was difficult since each of the nine applicants (5 from Hayes and 4 from Buckeye Valley) was so talented. 
Dee introduced winner Grant Gannon, who is a member of Hayes Student Council, the National Honor Society, cross country and track team member, Writing Club member, and management trainee at Pizza Hut. Grant will start at Columbus State pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Education. 
Debbie introduced Krisna Patel, also on Student Council at Hayes, National Honor Society member, and tennis team member. Krisna noted his parents were immigrants who encouraged him to work hard and that he was employed at his parents' business, Subway. Krisna intends to study business and engineering at OSU with a long-range goal of encouraging philanthropy in other countries.